Elko Coking Coal Project Overview      


Pacific American Coal has finalised an initial study of the mine site layout at the Elko Coking Coal Project. The layout design and 3D modelling were performed by Hatch Ltd and identifies the major infrastructure and production components required to set up an operation within the Elko Coal Licence area.

About the Elko Coking Coal Project
The Elko Coking Coal Project is Pacific American Coal’s flagship coal asset. The Elko Coking Coal Project contains a 303.1 million tonnes, JORC Code (2012), resource and is located in the East Kootenay Coal Basin of British Columbia, Canada. PAK holds a 100% interest in the Elko Coal Leases with a combined area of 3,571 Hectares.

 The Elko Coking Coal Project is positioned within 20km to coal rail infrastructure, and is situated at the southern end of the East Kootenay Coal Basin. This unique position makes it the closest coal project in the East Kootenay Coal Basin to the coal ports of Vancouver with approximately a $2/t rail cost advantage over projects located at the northern end of the East Kootenay Coal Basin

Project Fly Through Video


Elko Processing Flow Sheet
A process flow diagram has been established to identify major capital components required to operate a 1 - 2 mtpa operation.

Elko Project Design Phase
The company has worked with Hatch to adopt the latest technologies so to minimise the environmental impact and footprint of the operation. Hatch has also incorporated the latest in digital design to establish the mine site layout and position major infrastructure elements for maximum operational efficiency. The key capital items and elements identified from the process flow diagram and modelled on to the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the Elko Coking Coal Project were:
Open cut benches
Underground portal entry / exit
Mining area workshops
Overland conveyor and mine access road (CHPP to mining operations)
Run of mine (ROM) surge bin and Emergency ROM stockpile
Primary sizing station, Secondary sizing station, including rolls screen
Plant feed conveyors – nominal and emergency
Coal Handling Preparation Plant (CHPP)
Product CHPP conveyor, stockpile and haul road
Dry stack and co-disposal of tailings and rejects
Rejects / tailings CHPP conveyor, ROM rejects conveyor and ‘dry’ stockpile
Administration and workshops

Site Location
The site for the ‘mine opening and portal’ and the ‘processing and infrastructure’ have been positioned based on:
Location to the identified JORC 2012 Measured Resource,
Minimising site impact and influence on natural features and watercourses, 
Proximity to establishing a low impact open cut operation,
Favourable topographic profile to safely position major processing and mine site infrastructure.
The final location of mine site infrastructure will be subject to future studies, which will include First Nation archaeological, anthropological, ethnographic studies, environmental biodiversity and ecological assessments, and geotechnical and engineering studies.   

Elko Operational Scale
The Elko Coking Coal Project has the capacity of being a 1 -2 mtpa operation during the initial years of operation based on the resource containing an area suitable to a low strip ratio open cut mine. The project then has the ability to expand production capacity over time as the underground operation is established. The Company has a preference to adopting a capital expenditure schedule over a broader time frame, with underground development expenditure occurring during a period when the operation is in cash flow. This approach will maximise the capital efficiency of the project while minimising risk.

Infrastructure and equipment requirements during the initial phase of development are specific to an open cut operation supported by a CHPP and mine site facilities. The illustrated open cut operation shown in the 3D model, is representative only and is not based on actual volumes.